Mac user? Looking for some free software to edit your images with? If so, I’ve cooked up an application you might find useful:

iToolBox is here as a OSX/MacOS release for OS X / MacOS versions 10.11 and later. iToolBox is built targeted to Intel 64-bit architecture, so it should be usable well into the future. iToolBox handles data with 48-bit RGB and 16 bit alpha (transparency) precision: 64 bits per pixel. iToolBox offers a broad, powerful and consistent feature set that is both easy to learn and easy to use.

iToolBox is free, doesn’t incorporate advertising or data mining, doesn’t offload your data to some “cloud” that might disappear at any time, and doesn’t invade your privacy.

You can check out the documentation here:

    iToolBox Documentation

And you can download the application here:

    iToolBox v1.r64 [2019-06-12]

Curious? There is a fairly extensive feature list on this page.

I welcome suggestions, bug reports, etc. Here’s how to send them in.