So, I own Photoshop. I’m not… fond… of it. I don’t like the way it takes a long time to start (on my 12/24-core, 64 GB ram, 3 GHz, 4TB HD system.) I don’t like how large an application it is, and I regret the time it takes to go after the many things it has to pull in and read before it will actually let me edit an image. I don’t like the way lots of things in it work differently from lots of other things in it. I don’t like the clumsy area selection model. I don’t like the layered image model. I don’t like that, even as someone who is an expert at manipulating images, I have to constantly go to the net to look up just exactly how a particular task would be done with Photoshop – even after I’ve owned it for years. I don’t like the way Adobe is transitioning to, and pushing for, subscriptions. I don’t like the price. I don’t like the way Adobe (and many others) are constantly building in dependencies on the latest “new thing” in the various operating systems and in so doing, leaving older OS’s unsupported. There’s more, but that was enough. I’m more than far enough into “get off my lawn, ya hosers.” :)

itb-0.36Sure, there’s plenty of great stuff in Photoshop, but honestly, in day to day image editing of my DSLR and web images? I don’t use 99% of it. And back to the “how to” issue, very little of it is intuitive, so I’m not even seriously motivated to try.

But. I really need a powerful image editor. Also, some of the things I want aren’t in these applications all in one place, or even at all in some cases.

So. What’s a programmer to do?
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