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Additions up to SdrDx 2.10
50 MHz lower limit removed for FunCUBE Dongle (to accommodate the Plus model, which supports HF reception.)
New document section on splatter
SdrDx now reports in with version, revision, step and beta status on startup
Provision for Soundcard-based "audio" SDRs such as the Softrock.
added page on playing back pure audio IQ files (.flac, etc.)
Dual StyleSheets now supplied to manage BUIBUI Button (on) feature. You can still load a custom stylesheet to over-ride the standard ones. I've not heard from anyone requesting more StyleSheet capability, so I presume the custom coloring isn't being used, or if it is, the tools provided are satisfactory. Remember: if you don't ask, you probably won't receive.
BUIBUI Button (on) added - Black User Interface
RWFRWF Button (on) added - (RF Waveform Fill) display option
2.10 Fixes

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