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Introducing Undercruiser and Fish

I’ve decided to publish a comic strip. For the time being, I’ll just be uploading it to my flickr account.

Presuming my creativity bump doesn’t deliquisce into a mound of quivering dysfunction, the plan is to build a web site around it and give it a home of its own. In the mean time, please feel free to visit my flickr account and check it out. Comments welcome!

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Why Superstition?

Most people fear the unknown, even when it doesn’t appear to threaten them directly, so they regularly seek quite specific answers to unanswerable questions.

Other people recognize and then take advantage of those fears, and consequently we have organized and codified superstition, bigfoot, and UFOs. Religions are just specific forms of well organized and codified superstition.

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The Big Bang – Science or Religion?

The idea of the big bang isn’t “science”, science is a philosophy. The idea of the big bang is a theory, one which has many convinced it is the most likely of the current candidates because a great deal of evidence seems to point that way. It is in no way a “certainty”, nor would anyone who understands how science actually works be likely to say so. If you want to characterize it honestly, it is a “best estimate”. No more than that.

I am more than a little disturbed when I observe people presenting the big bang theory as established fact. Nothing could be further from the truth. Doing so misstates the case, and furthermore, it dishonors science.

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On the Genesis of the New Testament

The New Testament was originally written, or so the current scholarly consensus goes, in Greek. This was the common language of scholars of that day and age, much as English is quite often used by scholars now. The authors of the various testaments and epistles, however, likely spoke in Aramaic; bearing witness to this are the quotations attributed to Jesus Christ (such as “Eli, eli, lama sabachthani”, which is “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”, in Matthew 27:46). There is little question among scholars today that the New Testament was written in Greek, although a few dissenters assert that some portions were written in Aramaic. I would simply point out that since no one has any of the original documents, these arguments appear somewhat academic at this time.

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