VFO Suite is a TCP client for SdrDx. It works with both the RFSPACE SDRs and the FUNcube. Or both. It provides 26 distinct, radio-style VFOs that track and maintain frequency and display parameters so you can go from band to band (or favorite spot to where-ever) without losing where you were, the adjustments you made for noise levels, and so on. Designed with larger (or multiple) monitors in mind. Enjoy!

Feedback encouraged: If you want features, mods or fixes, please don’t depend on my mind reading abilities. They seem to be somewhat undependable. :)

Screen shot: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fyngyrz/7502244882/
Downloads: https://fyngyrz.com/?p=915
Documentation: https://fyngyrz.com/sdrdxdoc/sitemap.html
Changes: https://fyngyrz.com/sdrdxdoc/vchanges101.html