The 2.13w version of SdrDx for OS X is now available and the online documentation has been updated to reflect the changes that have been made. The Windows version remains at 2.13e BETA, however I hope to have an updated release for Windows shortly. I still have more testing to do there.

SdrDx is free; it supports RFSPACE SDRs, both FunCubes, the Andrus MK 1.5, and the AFEDRI.

The SoftRock/Peabody SDRs will also work, but it takes some technical knowledge of scripting to make that happen.

An overview of the major changes from the previous release (2.13e) are as follows:

o You can set one of 10 general purpose visible markers
o You can sequence all ten markers across the demodulator bandwidth
o Seven user-settable bandwidth memories with IF shift indication added
o Classic IF Shift added
o Demodulator bandwidth is now displayed as well as high and low edges
o Spectrum grids may now contain up to 40 intervals
o Waterfall color mixing significantly improved
o New TCP messages added for simpler TCP/script interaction with SdrDx
o SdrDx can emit 25 different macro TCP messages to trigger arbitrary events
o Span is now controllable from keyboard
o Zoom feature works with span to zoom in/out at demodulator frequency
o You can now pan the center frequency by the span width from keyboard
o Smooth noise floor rewritten, *much* improved spectrum, waterfall displays

You can find the 2.13w OS X release version and the 2.13e Windows BETA version here:

Screen shot showcasing current UI:

Just below 49 meter SW (SdrDx software)