One of the higher profile judicial injuries done to the constitution is the Supreme Court’s commerce clause scam. The commerce clause of the US constitution simply says that congress is authorized the power to regulate interstate commerce. Interstate means between the states. It’s always meant that.

But the Supreme Court has trashed the actual meaning and replaced it with the following: They now have the power to regulate any commerce, anywhere, including when it transpires entirely within a single state, on the premise that something could be used for interstate commerce.

Here’s what they mean by that, and why the commerce clause is now 100% applied as authority to use power to regulate “intrastate commerce”, the exact opposite of the constitution’s intent.

The telephone is an excellent example. If you use the telephone to talk to your neighbor next door, in the same town and state, the Supreme Court holds that you used “an instrument of interstate commerce”; they claim that this allows the federal government to use the power of the commerce clause to apply federal laws to what you said over that local telephone call. This is used as the basis for many federal charges and actions at law.

The ridiculous idea they are selling being simply that since the telephone could be used to make an interstate call (even if it isn’t being used that way in the case at hand), they always consider it an “instrument of interstate commerce”, and so there you are, Mr. or Madame federal criminal citizen person.

Of course, a hammer can be used as an instrument to wreck a money printing press. Therefore using the exact same rationale, we can always consider it an instrument of printing press wreckage; and this reasoning should therefore allow the feds to charge you with laws cobbled up under the money printing authorization of the constitution every time you pick up a hammer to drive a nail. So if they make a law that says that crimes committed with printing press wrecking tools will be punished by loss of citizenship, if you hang sheetrock that isn’t up to code with a hammer, you could very well lose your citizenship at the hands of the federal government. Cost-conscious contractors beware, eh? You printing press wrecking bastards, you.

Or, a bicycle could be used as an instrument to cross a state line carrying a basket of strawberries, so if you use a bicycle in the commission of anything the feds don’t like, well, there you go. You used an instrument of interstate commerce, you filthy scum. Off to Guantanamo Bay with you.

Likewise, mail can be sent over state lines, so any mail you send, according to them, gives them the power to apply any law they like to you at the federal level. Even if you mail your neighbor next door and the mail never leaves the town or state.

Another concrete example of this evil and childish rationalization: In recent years, the feds have invaded the state of California and arrested (and tried, and imprisoned) people who were authorized by California state law to grow, sell and consume medical marijuana. They did this under the same inverted commerce clause pretext; that is, the marijuana could have been sold over state lines (even though it wasn’t and there was never any intent to do so) and therefore, they claim to have authority. Which of course is complete and utter nonsense, but this is the quality of Supreme Court thinking today; it’s about third grade level, the very kind of thing you’d send your kid to their room for being a smart-ass over.

Of course, the truth is that these powers are not constitutionally authorized; they are simply the result of legislators and judges that are completely out of control, no longer paying attention to the letter (or intent) of the constitution in order to further the spread of federal (and therefore their own) power.

Please read the constitution. Figure out what it means; study the history around it. Then get involved. Talk to your representatives. Try to use your voting power to encourage the election of those who understand that the United States was intended to be a constitutional republic, and that adhering to the constitution is one of the most important things our government must do.