Page_1I’ve been watching more movies, saw a couple of good ones. “Monsters vs. Aliens”… that was just awesome from start to finish. Then there was this mashup blackertainment/martial arts movie, “Blood and Bone”, with Michael Jai White… he makes a great action star. Put him in some movies where you can understand the dialog, and there’s no telling how far he could go. Then there was “State of Play”, a movie about dirty politics and corporate maneuvering… I’m sure it’s less dangerous, and more corrupt, than the movie portrays it, but it’s always enjoyable to have a director plug a script into your preconceptions and not miss by much.

I cleaned my salt tank, moved the surface skimmer around and restored it to initial working conditions… man, that thing does a dirty job. We were going to build the frame for another stained glass window, but the weather didn’t cooperate, can’t use silicone when it keeps dipping below freezing. I came up with some new tee shirt designs, which you may see if the community at tee virus likes ‘em… even turned on the ham radio and listened to the empty airwaves for a few minutes – no sunspots means no radio communications.

So, I published some reviews, worked on the blog (fancy new dropcaps, imagine that), played a bunch of chess over the old iPod, surfed into corners of the net I don’t get to very often (and remembered why I don’t bother, sadly), caught up with some favorite cartoons… put new tires on the Camaro… as time goes sliding sloooowly by…

Yep, all that… and I’ve still got at least a week to wait before my hot-rodded camera comes back. And then the weather… wind is a problem, clouds are a problem, the moon is a problem… cold isn’t so much of a problem as a guarantee… sigh.

I really miss my camera. Sigh. I know. I’m just whining. Doesn’t mean I don’t miss my camera, though!