My audio recording / performance gear

These images show some views of my music studio, which is set up in an 11′x19′ open loft above our main living space. You get to it via a bridge from the master bedroom loft on the other side of the building. I’m into rock, blues, metal, and I dip a bit into almost everything else. I just like to play, frankly. Even music I don’t like to listen to is fun to play.

I use multi-tracking techniques to record music one part at a time; I play drums, bass and guitar, and I also sing, though I’m more into instrumental work. Generally, I’ll use a drum machine to lay down a basic beat, record a bass track, record rhythm and lead guitars, go back and lay down a real drum part, and then – sometimes – add vocals. I use a 24-track dedicated recorder and an analog Mackie 32-channel board for mixdown; then a Behringer analog mixer to remix the recorder’s output back through the Mackie main board for post production work. I use a 2 GB Mac mini to record and burn CDs of the final mixes. I’m always up for a jam session, too; local musicians are always welcome.

My stringed instruments