modemYesterday began with a nice surprise — it snowed here. Outside temp was 35 degrees, and it melted (here) when it hit the ground, but snow it was.

Even The Media Noticed

Then, at about 5pm Friday afternoon, our DSL modem flaked; indicators looked good, and it was in pass-through so normally it doesn’t really do much, but oh man, was the network hammered.

I took the normally well organized system, dug in, and by the time I was done, it looked like Medusa’s head had exploded at the equipment rack… it took until this afternoon to narrow it down because I had no spare DSL modem.

Finally ended up with a replacement [DSL modem / router / firewall / WIFI access-point (disabled)], much faster than the previous one on the DSL end. All is well again, cables re-routed, etc. Quite an adventure. The normal configuration here is comprised of one sixteen port switch, one eight port switch, twenty six physical cable runs, and two WIFI access points, plus whatever WIFI clients are on at any one time.

Previously, the configuration was the DSL modem in pass-through, to a router / firewall, to the various switches and clients.

Normally, if the failure is within our walls, I can find a failure in about a minute, swap in a new switch or whatever else is required, and we are good to go so quickly no one even knows we were down. I was keeping spares of everything except the DSL modem.

So of course that’s what failed. A little lesson in humility. And paranoia. No degree of paranoia is sufficient except complete paranoia. The weak / not-in-stock link will fail. :)