My name is Ben. Wearing my engineer’s hat, I did electronic hardware design for many years, video-game machines and other microprocessor-based designs, plus some RF and analog design here and there… and then switched to software. I have been writing image and signal processing software primarily, though I’ve done other things when the circumstances appealed. I’ve been doing this long enough that I have some ability to pick and choose, which is nice.

I began my musical career by picking up guitar in the early 1960′s. Since then I’ve basically focused on blues, rock and roll, and metal, with the occasional excursions into folk and classical. I’ve also been involved with martial arts since the 1960′s — I’ve owned and run my own schools and taught hundreds of students over the years.

2973487529_2f5e0c0e09Deb, my wife and sweetheart of 24 years, passed away in December of 2021. My heart is broken, but she would want me to find a way forward, and so it will be. We — Deb and I — enjoyed a wide cross-section of common interests. Our home is located in Montana, we’d both been here since the 1980′s, and we’d been a couple since 1997. We had a great deal in common, philosophically speaking. We were both freethinkers, both generally progressive, and both charitable givers. We also shared many day to day interests, from video games to cats to recreational reading materials.

Last Update

February 5th, 2022

My home is an old church, basically a big, empty cube, which we moved into in July of 2006. We had been working on it continuously ever since, building a somewhat eclectic interior into the building over the years. We did almost all the work ourselves; consequently the project as a whole has been both relatively inexpensive and at the same time, very long-term. Overall, the rewards have been worth it, but I know I’d never undertake a job this large again. Even though we loved the results, so far as we’d gotten. It’s just… a big job.

bwI edit science fiction professionally. This came about almost inevitably consequent to a lifelong love of science fiction. Although I do write quite a bit myself, my own output has been primarily technical documents such as manuals. There are exceptions such as a book on martial arts, one on reading and writing Korean, and several essays on AI/ML intended for the general public.

On my work LAN live two Linux machines, a windows laptop, and a 16+4-core Mac Studio. The latter machine is my daily driver. The Linux boxes are servers presenting various web sites to the net. The Windows laptop is there for testing Windows ports of my own software on actual hardware. For a portable, I drag around a Macbook with virtualization capability through which I have again, Linux and Windows available to me. This lets me get out of town and still have a full toolbox in the event that I need to work on our IT systems from a remote location.

Visitors here may notice that some posts are my writings that have been moved or copied from other locations on the net; my intent is to put all my various postings into one stream where people — including myself — can look through them as a single body of work. Everything here is content I wrote or otherwise created (images, recordings, etc.) At times, where a post was originally a response of mine to someone else’s remarks, I’ll rewrite it to integrate the questions or issues being addressed. I may also update the content to some degree if I think that is called for.

So that covers some of the basics; thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the site.

The black hole that is my desk