As of today, if you search the net, you can find a large number of people having trouble with the iOS version of Safari on their iPad and iPhones. The nature of the problem is that Safari won’t save log-ins and passwords — and when you go to another page, even if you keep the tab open, bam, you’re logged out. Same thing if you use the device’s button to go do something else for a moment, open another tab, etc. It’s really annoying.

So if you go hunting for answers to this annoying behavior from Apple, they recommend you check your keychain (Settings, iCloud, Keychain, On) But that doesn’t solve the problem. Apple also recommends that you make sure that Safari has been set to save passwords (Settings, Safari, Passwords & AutoFill, Names and Passwords, On) That is required, but odds are you’ve looked at this already and it is set correctly — and Safari still refuses to save the state of your log-ins and passwords.
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