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New OSX and Windows version of SdrDx – 2.05

This version has various improvements, but the big news, I think, is that a series of workarounds and perhaps a few clever moves have gotten around most of the Windows Qt problems with the FUNcube Dongle Pro VHF/UHF SDR. OSX users have full access to it, and Windows users should now be able to run it cleanly up to a sample rate / bandwidth of 48000. Mind that the Windows version is still beta, I have received very little feedback on it, but I’m gaining confidence in the process of producing the thing.

So, new OSX version, new Windows version, updated docs, updated changes list.

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New OSX version of SdrDx – 2.04

Recordings now store and retrieve dB offset for more accurate playback. Right-clicking DNR now turns it on and off without changing the intensity. DNR algorithm altered somewhat. CAR mode gets carrier shift capability. Right mouse button now moves backwards through meter models. AGC intercept is now 120 dB (default.) TDM filter improved, dedicated. Method for detecting FUNcube Dongle Pro altered to match Windows version, which had to change to work around a Win7 bug. Works fine either way under OSX. Fix for waterfall saves. Last, certainly not least, move to online documentation. New HLP button takes you right to the docs.

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New Version of SdrDx – 2.03

FUNcube Dongle support, carrier monitoring for AM Dx’ers, two additional notch filters, level-based squelch option, dynamic DSP noise reduction, RTTY scope, latency control, peak / average SMeter and AGC processing options, improved memories store squelch and CW offset, some font size adjustment on the fly for older eyes, extended database for bands and channels, fixes, other small changes.

Please see this post for details on SdrDx 2.03.

*** forgot to upload the Windows version last evening, sorry. I was pretty tired. :) It’s up there now.

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