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So… why “fyngyrz”? Pick, planchette, pluck.

The answer to that is pretty simple, really. Back in the day, I was all about guitar. I worked, dreamed, and struggled with guitar, and like many young men of my generation, I had some pretty high hopes. Alas, that career came to a screeching halt when I was offered payment in cocaine instead of money by an (otherwise) reputable studio you might very well recognize. studio-mg74 Both insulted and somewhat paranoid, I no longer made myself available to them as a studio musician, and that was the beginning of the end. It all worked out for the best, I think; turned out I was a pretty successful engineer, and on top of that, I actually enjoyed the work. From there, I began to focus on programming, and here we are today.

So anyway, here’s something from back in the day. It was recovered from 2nd-generation tape masters and consequently suffers from some sonic crud (not to mention the damage done by the mp3 encoding) but you’ll get the idea. It’s structured as a jam rather than a straight cover; a vague, building meditation upon a theme.

I play all the instruments here except the drums; for that, I used a drum machine. I’m still working on my drumming! I laid down a click track first, then some rhythm, then the bass, then the lead, then went back and programmed the drums to sync to the click track, then pulled the click track and the rhythm, mixed it all down, and what was left is what you’ll hear.

Here you go:

(HTML5 playback)

(HTML4 playback)

Instrumental, Washburn MG-74 guitar, Gibson Les Paul studio bass.

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New Version of SdrDx – 2.03

FUNcube Dongle support, carrier monitoring for AM Dx’ers, two additional notch filters, level-based squelch option, dynamic DSP noise reduction, RTTY scope, latency control, peak / average SMeter and AGC processing options, improved memories store squelch and CW offset, some font size adjustment on the fly for older eyes, extended database for bands and channels, fixes, other small changes.

Please see this post for details on SdrDx 2.03.

*** forgot to upload the Windows version last evening, sorry. I was pretty tired. :) It’s up there now.

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New Version of SdrDx – 2.02 – now also for Windows

Please see this post for details on SdrDx 2.02.

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atAw, man, I got this… this… coding problem. I keep finding myself writing things that only I would have a use for. So on my iPad, I found this App called “Emerald Observatory”, and I was so, so impressed. First, it’s pretty. Really pretty. Second, it’s full of astronomical data, useful stuff. And I thought to myself, wow… I really like some of this.

Then (oh, no…) I began to think about what parts of it I would like to use, that is, have directly available to me. So I wrote those nice folks, complementing them sincerely on what a nice App they had come up with (check it out, you won’t regret it), and suggesting they write what I had in mind, because actually, they sort of had the data in the app already, it was just a matter of organizing it differently. I got a nice reply, thanking me for the suggestion, but allowing as to how they had a lot to do, and so it would be “on their list.”

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So… it’s been a week since I shipped my camera off.

Page_1I’ve been watching more movies, saw a couple of good ones. “Monsters vs. Aliens”… that was just awesome from start to finish. Then there was this mashup blackertainment/martial arts movie, “Blood and Bone”, with Michael Jai White… he makes a great action star. Put him in some movies where you can understand the dialog, and there’s no telling how far he could go. Then there was “State of Play”, a movie about dirty politics and corporate maneuvering… I’m sure it’s less dangerous, and more corrupt, than the movie portrays it, but it’s always enjoyable to have a director plug a script into your preconceptions and not miss by much.

I cleaned my salt tank, moved the surface skimmer around and restored it to initial working conditions… man, that thing does a dirty job. We were going to build the frame for another stained glass window, but the weather didn’t cooperate, can’t use silicone when it keeps dipping below freezing. I came up with some new tee shirt designs, which you may see if the community at tee virus likes ‘em… even turned on the ham radio and listened to the empty airwaves for a few minutes – no sunspots means no radio communications.
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Introducing Undercruiser and Fish

I’ve decided to publish a comic strip. For the time being, I’ll just be uploading it to my flickr account.

Presuming my creativity bump doesn’t deliquisce into a mound of quivering dysfunction, the plan is to build a web site around it and give it a home of its own. In the mean time, please feel free to visit my flickr account and check it out. Comments welcome!

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The Trope of Tripe

My hand did shake,

Please read, I pray;

He took my work from me

Each phrase, to slay.

Your trope is tripe,

good sir, he said;

His dismay palpable

the screed, now read.

Please do not share,

nor speak, one bit;

Your writing’s execrable:

your lines, lack wit.

Were such words mine,

oh sad, sad day;

Open flame is called for;

to ash, I say.

Once fire was done,

each page, gone up;

New career does beckon;

the pen, please drop.

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Building a Library

Here’s another window on our church-to-home project. Deb and I are both avid readers, and a library has always been high on our list of things we wanted in our dream home. Naturally enough, it was one of the first rooms to be allocated, and we’ve got some of the final shelving done. Not on the walls, or out on the floor. In the ceiling.

That’s right — the ceiling. I used 9″ BCIs to support the floor above, and left the bottoms open. To those, I attached shelves suitable, depth-wise, for paperbacks. When we do the walls, we’ll make deeper, higher shelves so as to accommodate textbooks and so forth. Here’s what the ceiling looked like with all but one (the one closest to you) of the shelves attached:

Library ceiling

The shelves on the walls are temporary modular units that are doing yeoman service until we can get around to building the final ones into the walls.

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