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Bicycle Helmets – feh

You can pad yourself until the world can’t hurt you no matter what happens, but the compromise is you lose some sense of the world with every layer you put between you and it. I’d rather feel the wind in my hair.

With regard to insurance companies, they should simply adjust rates and coverage until the bottom line reflects the actuarial reality.

With regard to law, the government should never, in their private lives, be telling the citizens how to dress, what precautions they must take when pursuing any particular activity, or trying to justify the forgoing by implementing programs of any kind. If the government is aware that certain types of behavior present specific risks, then they have exactly one acceptable tool available: education. Which I do encourage them to use.

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Medical Care – who's on first?

I’ve been thinking about medical care. As we all know, it is expensive, and either you pay directly, or else if you had the money and the foresight, and were fortunate enough not to have any pre-existing conditions that the insurance company has decided render you uninsurable, you paid in advance in the form of insurance. Or else you pay as you go, or you go into debt, or you just plain suffer or die. Unless… your job pays your insurance.

And it was while contemplating this idea, the “job” paying for your insurance, that my thoughts came to a screeching halt. Now, it only takes a little insight to follow this line of thinking. So work with me here.

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