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The Trope of Tripe

My hand did shake,

Please read, I pray;

He took my work from me

Each phrase, to slay.

Your trope is tripe,

good sir, he said;

His dismay palpable

the screed, now read.

Please do not share,

nor speak, one bit;

Your writing’s execrable:

your lines, lack wit.

Were such words mine,

oh sad, sad day;

Open flame is called for;

to ash, I say.

Once fire was done,

each page, gone up;

New career does beckon;

the pen, please drop.

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A Vice: Verse.

I’m one of those people who really doesn’t know when to shut up. This is clearly demonstrated by my random flailings into the realm of rhyme:


Serendipity’s a word
I came across by chance
Not actually browsing,
just an accidental glance

It’s a good thing that I found it
for my vocabulary’s weak
We’re talking five new syllables
I’m lucky I can speak.

…if you’re a bit of a masochist, there’s more on this page.

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