As some of you know, Deb and I bought an old Nazarene church in 2006 with the idea of converting it into our home. It was, once the pews and other church furniture were removed, basically a big, empty cube. One of the key features that weighed in on the decision to purchase the building was a large space behind the pulpit that we could see was about 16:9. We thought that would make a great theater; and after a fair amount of work and kicking equipment around, it turns out that was right. Here’s what we ended up with:

204" 1080p DLP FP home theater
I pushed the shadow levels up so the details of the system are easier to see; this makes the projected image look like it isn’t getting very black, but it actually is — DLP projectors make good blacks

You’re looking at a 17 foot (205 inch) diagonal, 1080p projection system with well over a thousand watts RMS distributed across 7.1 channels. It presently features a Mac (as media librarian), DirecTV / HD-DVR, 16-channel IR/color 1 TB security DVR, SVHS, DVD, MD, CD, Sirius sat. radio, XM sat. radio, broadcast HD receiver, blueray / PS3, HD-DVD / XBox360, PS2, XBox, Gamecube, and a Wii. The receiver is a Sony STR-DA5300ES with six HDMI inputs, and the projector is an Optoma HD-80. Deb and I built and finished the audio cabinetry, and I put the electronics together. Seating is a 12-foot wide, 8-person couch with two built-in recliners at the center “sweet spot” just out of the picture, a few feet in front of the cabinetry.

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