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New OSX and Windows version of SdrDx – 2.09

SdrDx 2.09 adds the ability to fine-tune the AGC metering to match the sample rate and other varible SDR factors so that the AGC metering is better correlated with the S-meter. DNR metering is now active, but indicates red, when disabled. Auto Noise Floor tracking has been added; this keeps the RF waveform cleanly on the graph even when the noise floor rises significantly. Smooth Noise Floor has been added; this reduces the amplitude of the noise in the RF waveform (does not affect demodulation.) The ability to live-edit the waterfall palette has been added. You can now change colors and adjust the relative distance of one color from another while watching the results on the waterfall. You can save and reload the results, and control which palette is the default waterfall palette. To go along with this, the ranges of the I and C sliders have been extended. An independent high pass filter has been added to complement the low pass filter, and this has been added to the memory system as a memorized setting. The ability to determine the distance of a nearby lightning impulse has been added, along with documentation on how to use the feature. The UI has been changed slightly to accomodate a few new controls.

There have also been significant improvements and additions to the documentation. Some bugs have been squashed, none of them serious.

My sincere thanks to those who helped me test and who took the time to report my errors to me so I could fix them.

Screen shot:

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New OSX and Windows version of SdrDx – 2.08

SdrDx 2.08 supercedes the UDP interface in 2.07 (UDP still present in case you’ve coded for it) with a TCP server interface that is capable of supporting multiple clients. It turns out there’s a rather serious bug in OSX that prevents UDP connections from being opened with more than one client, so TCP is better for now.

As with the UDP interface, I’ve included a basic TCP client example written in Python.

In addition, beginning with SdrDx 2.08, the program will let you know if and when upgrades are available to you in the program’s title bar, as long as you have an Internet connection when you start it.

The TCP interface now has many additional commands as compared to the previous version’s UDP command set, and so far we’ve got an alpha version of an iPad client that displays waterfall, spectrum, demod envelope, allows tuning and other control, and plays back audio — all using the new TCP interface. In addition, during the beta period, tuning control for a screwdriver antenna was implemented using the TCP interface and Python.

I have a multi-VFO (26 of them, A-Z) application I’ve made available (OSX only so far) that works with the new TCP interface as well, giving you copious radio-like VFO control over SdrDx. Each VFO remembers frequency and all related display settings, so you can frequency hop like a little radio bunny. (cough) Sorry. :)

SdrDx 2.08 provides for frequency offset, which in turn allows it to be used more easily with up-converters such as those that might be part of a FUNcube installation.

There are various other changes, mostly small tweaks and bugfixes. Enjoy!

Screen shot:

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New OSX and Windows version of SdrDx – 2.05

This version has various improvements, but the big news, I think, is that a series of workarounds and perhaps a few clever moves have gotten around most of the Windows Qt problems with the FUNcube Dongle Pro VHF/UHF SDR. OSX users have full access to it, and Windows users should now be able to run it cleanly up to a sample rate / bandwidth of 48000. Mind that the Windows version is still beta, I have received very little feedback on it, but I’m gaining confidence in the process of producing the thing.

So, new OSX version, new Windows version, updated docs, updated changes list.

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Online Docs for SdrDx

I am pleased to introduce online documentation for SdrDx. This marks a sea change, where we move from a text file, buried in the distribution, to a system where everyone is looking at the same document, one that is easier to read, to look at and in general to deal with. It includes a table of contents, an index, visual cues for user interface elements and so on.

The link is on the SdrDx page, and the next release of SdrDx will take you there directly.

Comments and corrections are welcome, of course.

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New Version of SdrDx – 2.03

FUNcube Dongle support, carrier monitoring for AM Dx’ers, two additional notch filters, level-based squelch option, dynamic DSP noise reduction, RTTY scope, latency control, peak / average SMeter and AGC processing options, improved memories store squelch and CW offset, some font size adjustment on the fly for older eyes, extended database for bands and channels, fixes, other small changes.

Please see this post for details on SdrDx 2.03.

*** forgot to upload the Windows version last evening, sorry. I was pretty tired. :) It’s up there now.

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New version of SdrDx – 2.00

Please see this post for details on SdrDx 2.00.

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New version of SdrDx – 1.10

Please see this post for the latest details on v1.10.

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New Version of SdrDx (Mac / OS X version of CuteSDR)

Please see this post for the latest details on v1.07.

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