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Man fights federal "sex offender" list registration

Here’s the story.

Both the feds and the states are prohibited from creating ex post facto law.

Adding to someone’s punishment post-conviction is explicitly ex post facto.

This is why Ohio reasons that this particular person should not have to register. They understand the constitution, and their registration law is constructed to obey it.

However, the supreme court has ruled that registration is “not punishment” (which is sophist, ridiculous and absurd, but regardless, that’s what they said.)

Consequently, any state or the feds can register anyone, for anything, pre- or post-conviction, guilty or not. Another example of just this kind of misuse of power is the no-fly list. They make the list, decide you belong on it, bingo, you’re on it, and you have no recourse.

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Robots? Oh yes, there WILL be robots…

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Ladies: Step it up

Ladies, this is a message from a fellow who really, really likes heterosexual women, and appreciates it when that affection is returned. Most men won’t tell you the truth about what they like in person, because they don’t want to offend you, and yes, because they fear rejection.

I thought it was about time someone just bit the bullet and was straight with you. You know all the advice in “Cosmo” and its sister magazines? The “high fashion” fads? Well… look, just… fuhgeddaboudit. You know as well as I do that those people have an agenda, and that agenda is to sell you stuff. My agenda, and I am being completely honest here, is to let you know what it is that men actually like (I am a man, so you can be dead certain you’ll at least impress me) so that my view of the world improves. Now — which do you think is more honestly aimed to inform you of the truth? Cosmo? Or me? With that in mind…

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