We’ve got a Droid and a couple of older not-that-smart phones on our 3-way Verizon plan. The Droid is relatively new, and we’ve all been interested in it; Deb (she’s the one with the Droid) just loves the thing. After we’d all had time to look it over and consider our options, we decided we were all interested in owning one. So we called Verizon, and they described a “two for one” price offer, where you end up paying about $200 “for two phones” (I realize these are subsidized, this is simply how they describe it), along with an increase of $20/month on each of the other two phones ($40/month increase in total) for the “unlimited data plan”, as compared to the more modest data plans we already had on those phones.

We thanked them, waited for person #3 (eldest son, Brian) to become available, and explained the terms. He liked the idea, so we called them back about 20 minutes after the original call to “do the deal.” Things didn’t go well.
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