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Defy Invalid Social Norms

disnxThe elders have their noses in the air and a stick where only their proctologists can find it. You know it. I know it. Even they probably know it. You can say something about it!

Definitely not a laydown, yet not so directly offensive as to put everyone off the moment you show up.

This is one of my t-shirts (you can also get it put on a hoodie or quite a range of other wearables), which I would be obliged if you would look at and perhaps consider adding to your wardrobe, which in turn will kick a few (very few, sadly) dollars my way. It’s one of my best tees, in my not-so-humble opinion. I wear this one more often than any other.

Some good news is that as I write this, the tee vendor, Zazzle, is having a decent sale, with discounts on both products and shipping costs.

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New Tee Shirts

Some of you may have noticed the tee shirts available at the top right of the page; these are original designs by yours truly. Purchasing them supports the site, and as a special bonus, you are almost certain to really offend someone if they look closely enough at the design. Please take a look; I struggled over these designs in my vector editing software, Intaglio, for, oh, at least a few minutes. Each!

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