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Friday, June 29th, 2007
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B.C. Rich NJ Beast Guitar

This radical body speaks boldly about the guitar, but it isn't all that great an instrument. The main problem is the neck, which is clumsy and slow. I have a project in mind for this instrument. I have a pair of Schecter Devil Tribal guitars. The one in the link is an archtop, and is a fabulous guitar. But the other, which has the same neck, is a flattop and was damaged when I received it, having been dropped or something similarly horrible. There's a nasty chip in the body, and the neck shows fracture lines in the paint where the neck attaches to the body. When you play it, the neck actually moves, and the intonation wobulates. Basically, it's a total loss, as is. So... I thought it might be worth my time to try and get the Schecter neck off (its a set neck, which means it is glued onto the body) and replace the bolt-on neck of the Beast with those beautiful tribal inlays and the sleek, meticulously crafted fretboard of the DT. Can you imagine those inlays with this body? That's just... crazy. Which is why I want to do it, of course!

But you know, even with a damaged guitar, it takes some stones to try and get a set neck off. I'm thinking of using a vibratory plunge cutter to cut the neck free of the body, then trim the neck as required. I know they're the same length, both 24-fret necks too, but I'm not so certain about the widths or the radius; if these aren't very similar, we're talking about bridge and nut alterations, and the odds of success are dropping radically. There aren't any luthiers around here, so that's not really an option (I don't want to ship these to someone I don't know, either.) Plus Shecter said "no" when I asked them. Twits.

Anyway, if I get it done, I'll post the results. If it totally sucks, maybe I'll just hang it on the wall, because one thing I am sure of, and that is it'll look good!

Update: Done deal — Look here!

The Beast is now the Monster!

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Width: 1112
Height: 2480

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