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Tuesday, April 7th, 2015
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YolkYolkYolk — SdrDx Easter Eggs

Here's a couple of the easter eggs I coded into SdrDx.

Radios have something called an "S Meter", which in a "real" radio is often an actual meter. I offer, and fully document, quite a few different s meter types you can switch by simply clicking on the currently displayed meter. Left click gets you the next model, right click the previous model. Some are classic looking meters, some are digits, some are graphs, some have audio dB meters incorporated as well, some read S, some read S+AGC, some read S+noise reduction, some read S+microvolts at the antenna input, some graphs are vertical, some are horizontal... and there are various combinations of the foregoing. Quite a variety.

So, if you follow the directions, you get exactly what the docs tell you you'll get.

But if, when you reach the last s-meter model, you left click again, you get an s-meter with some of the above information packed into it... in Klingon. 😊

If you click one more time, you get the same set of information again, but this time... predator.

So in the image, the top meter is a "normal" meter, the second one is the Klingon meter, and the bottom one is the Predator meter. And they both work!

Both easter egg meter styles are very dynamic. As they should be, since they're driven by actual data and displaying it. Albeit not in the usual fashion.

My only regret is that Alien's aliens were not written language users. I suppose it was alien to them. And perhaps that's why they were so mean... because they were... alienated.

Ok, I'll stop now. 😊

#humor #sdrdx

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