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Saturday, July 28th, 2007
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Metal Madness

Look what we made... This is a BC Rich "N.J. Beast" body with a Schecter "Devil Tribal" neck. I had a flat-top devil tribal that had been dropped (not by me!) and consequently had some issues where the set-neck joined the body. I also had a NJ Beast, which while cool looking, had a pretty low-end neck.

July 26th, 2007, my friend Evan and I retired to my shop with both guitars, and set to work with a vibrating cutter (a Fein Multimaster — highly recommended, literally the best tool I own, and I own a lot of tools) to separate the Shecter set neck and subsequently modify it (a lot) to fit into the Beast's 4-bolt neck slot.

It took a few hours, but we got it right; the intonation is perfect and after some not-unexpected hoop jumping with shims at the neck, it plays sweet, fast and low to the frets without buzz or other nastiness. I'm amazed it worked; I was prepared to have an unplayable "wallflower", I was very much afraid that we'd foul up locating the holes in the previously hole-less set-neck, but instead, I got just what I wanted, a crazy looking guitar that plays like a dream. I spent a couple of days prodding the action, messing with different shims with the pickups retracted almost into the body and so forth, but the neck is right where I want it now.

The BC Rich pickups sound ok, but they're nothing special; so the next step is to pick out some awesome pickups for it. I mean hey, I've come this far, why stop now? I play metal, rock, blues — probably not a lot of blues with this axe, for that matter.

Funny little story: I actually called Schecter a while back and asked them if they would do this exact mod for me. They refused; probably didn't like the idea that I preferred the BC Rich body to their flat-top. Well, if you can't get someone to do it, you have to do it yourself...

Oh, and the hotspot on the neck? I shot the pic against the refrigerator, but my sweetheart was still asleep so I didn't want to turn on the lights. We live in a loft space, what used to be a church that we built lofts into, consequently lights on in the kitchen are also lights on in the bedroom, to some degree. So, to make the camera willing to focus, I shined a flashlight on the neck, showed the camera the hot spot, and shot with a flash (which didn't wake her up, thankfully.) But the hot spot is pretty visible. I need to get a real backdrop set up. I have the room. Oh well... one thing at a time!

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