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Thursday, August 30th, 2007
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Fretlight 200-Series Artist Telecaster

Score! I've wanted a 200-series Fretlight, which doesn't require being tethered to a computer (I'm already tied to an amp, isn't that enough?), for years now.

I finally ran into one, hardly used (it even still has the protective plastic still on the pick guard!) and after playing it for a few minutes, bought it without reservation. Aside from the teaching abilities, which with an LED equipped neck are stellar, this guitar plays extremely well and sounds just fabulous.

The neck fits my hand perfectly, whereas a real telecaster is unplayable because the neck is too small for my hands. It has a terrific Telecaster sound brought about by a pair of Seymour Duncan soap bar pickups.

I've had the guitar for about seven days now (end of August 2007), and I've put at least an hour a day, sometimes more, into playing this bad boy. I've even indulged in following the Fretlight's indicators up and down a few of the scales it can teach you, very nice indeed. Unfortunately (or not) I pretty much know all the scales and chords it can show, so the actual Fretlight feature is a bit moot, but the guitar plays so well it isn't any kind of a buy / not buy issue. This one is a keeper. I'm just amazed at the fit, finish and sound of this instrument.

Kudos to Optek.

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