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Monday, November 19th, 2007
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This is Otis, sleeping on Deb's chair, where he often waits for her to come home. If he's not here, he's typically lying on a jacket of hers, housecoat or some random item of lingerie.

We noticed Otis lurking about our previous home several times in the fall of 2005; at the time, he was notable for that cute face. Then we didn't see him for several months. Then one night, we were driving back to the house and I thought I saw him smooshed on the highway. I was kicking myself over not having grabbed his fuzzy self for weeks, I mean really, really regretful.

Then one night, we came home, and there he was, sitting upon my two-wheel utility trailer as if he owned it. I approached him, and he didn't look in the least intimidated. A few words, and he let me pick him up, and in the house he went.

As it turned out, Otis has feline leukemia, and so he and one other cat, Asia, who's been inoculated for it, have to live without other feline company. They're 100% indoor cats, they've got a huge space to explore (about 3000 square feet on two floors.)

Otis has about the cutest face I've ever seen on a cat. He's got kind of a reverse Simon Legree mustache on a big blocky tomcat's face. What a cutie. 😊

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Width: 3888
Height: 2592
Company:  Canon
Camera:  Canon EOS 40D
Shot On:  2007:11:19 09:00:57
Aperture:  ƒ/1.8
Exposure Time:  1/20th second
Exposure Program:  Aperture Priority
ISO:  400

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