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Cynic? Me?
Category: Politricks
by Admin on Saturday, August 2nd, 2008 at 10:11:26
Democracy:That system wherein any two uninformed people are explicitly given the unchecked, unqualified power to outvote any single informed person.
USA:That country wherein the status quo is guaranteed to remain such that uninformed people outnumber informed people by many orders of magnitude.
Representative Democratic Republic:That system which operates in miniature under all of the characteristics of a Democracy, but has far fewer votes to count and therefore vastly magnifies the power, though not the quality, of each vote, and in so doing, allows the precise focus of powers external to the system (PACs, corporations, the rich) upon those votes.
Fall of Society:That thing which inevitably happens when the ruling class of a society have been allowed to jam things up so long and so badly that the society ceases to be able to operate. For further details, refer to your daily news source.
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