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1.02 Additions

Switchable, tunable notch filters - 8 of them.
LED on/off indicators for notches
Frequency indicators in active passband as notch tuning aids
Switchable, tunable, low pass filter for AM and SSB operations
Memories incorporate current filter settings
I sets memories 1...0 to the preset zones, current filter settings
K lowers LPF freq (also shifted, faster)
K increases LPF freq (also shifted, faster)
L turns LPF on and off
F displays current notch selection and on/off state
E increases notch freq; (shifted, more, controlled, less)
R decreases notch freq; (shifted, more, controlled, less)
; and ' adjust notch width
T turns individual notch on and off
Y globally turns off all notches for comparing on/off
 Y individually turns off all notches for starting over on new freq
X to center demod freq
About dialog reflects PD status of AA7AS mods
 S now sets synch am mode as intended

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