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1.08 Additions

"Zero-on-click" ( ZoC) option control added to frequency display
Bandpass filter transparency and grid intensity slider added
G sets grid overlay color
 - now steps by -2 kHz
^ - now steps by -500 kHz
 + now steps by +2 kHz
^ + now steps by +2 kHz
Meter now incorporates AGC metering as well as S-metering
Meter now incorporates readout in uV as well as dBm
Switchable -Ri (Anti-Ringing) filter added for SSB modes This makes a *significant* difference in listening quality.
adjusted a few band edge settings to get the center frequency of the memory presets to exactly 50 KHz above the lowest SSB operating frequency. These are most conveniently used when operating with a 100 KHz receive display span.
 K keystroke opens (new) keystroke reference dialog
Bug where horizontal window sizing was locked
Bug where I/R could be set to I in manual AGC mode on startup
Bug where DCY wasn't set to correct value on startup

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