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2.07 Additions

MIDI control surface support implemented
Adds MDI indicator, also right-click there for MIDI config
Tuning Knob step now set on <BC, BC>, <AR and AR>,
SdrDx now accepts operational commands via UDP broadcast
Python sample script to command SdrDx now in folder
SdrDx now sends status information via UDP broadcast
3rd party support
Python sample script to monitor SdrDx status now in folder
MIN selects if memory recall sets I
MFI selects if memory recall sets FIL (now LPF)
MNO selects if memory recall sets notch filters
MCO selects if memory recall sets CWO
MTS selects if preset memory recall sets tuning step size.
panel reconfigured to group memory controls
Documentation "troubleshooting" section expanded
Documentation content, formatting updated
DNR documentation rewritten
Control for SDR-IQ IF Gain added to SDR dialog

2.07 Fixes

 o  (record) now automatically turned off on exit from Run or FCD
When an RFSPACE SDR stopped due to a networking error under 2.06, SdrDx would lose awareness of the last tuning frequency and mode and a few other things. Should be fixed now.

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