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Additions up to SdrDx 2.12z
in 2.12z, FSU and FSL (FSK USB and FSK LSB) added to demodulator modes. In addition, TCP/UDP interface will now send modes 8 and nine for these settings. Note that you may have to reduce the demod bandwidth, quit, and restart for these to work for the first time.
in 2.12z, ^ PgUp and ^ PgDn now adjust CWO in 1 Hz increments.
in 2.12z, T re-purposed for transmit command.  T is now the Toggle Notch command.
in 2.12y, SPL added to linearize various scope spectrum data
in 2.12x, Saved baseband files header change from Wave to WAVE
in 2.12v, WFM button on UI, but WFM still under development. Disabled.
in 2.12v, added DOW (Demod markers On Waterfall)
in 2.12v, added +/- 9 KHz tuning buttons for Euro BCB signals
in 2.12t, the button arrangement has been modified to add one more row of buttons on the right side of the panel. This is to accommodate some new functionality, beginning with GRN.
in 2.12t, additional support for servers (very much still beta)
in 2.12t, GRN (GRid Numbering) added. Useful when SdrDx is monitoring IF instead of the airwaves; allows the grid to exist without incorrect nomenclature.
in 2.12t, SAP (Save Audio palette) and EAP (Edit Audio Palette) added.
in 2.12s, LAP (Load Audio Palette) added, gives you control over the palette for the audio waterfall in the scope. Along with this, SdrDx will automatically load pal_defaulta.wfp from the home directory on startup into the audio palette. Use the usual EDP and SVP to create these palettes.
in 2.12r, Swap checkmark in Right-click FCD dialog now also swaps I/Q for network connected devices. This allows operation with radio IF systems that are of odd parity, that is, where USB looks like LSB and tuning runs backwards.
in 2.12r, CW demodulator envelopes now adjust to 1500 Hz per side
in 2.12r, Demodulator envelope now adjusts in 50 Hz steps
in 2.12r, 32 MHz limit on tuning removed for all SDRs that had it
in 2.12r, KEY changed to KLK (keyboard lock)
in 2.12q,  PGUP  PGDN affects volume
in 2.12q, AFEDRI 16 level gain implemented
in 2.12q, a checkbox to select pre- or post-s-metering added
"Missing Pkts" message changed to "MP"
Scope mode y position control for both channels via right click
Andrus MK 1.5 SDR support added to 400 KHz, Ch A, also autofind
AFEDRI support added to 1.25 MHz, also autofind
Grid spacing ( GS ) now variable from 2-20, read out in status bar 1
SDR Not Connected message changed to RFSPACE not connected (2.12h) to reduce confusion with other SDR types.
fix for FCDP+ being unable to select 190 kHz (2.12f)
Red arrow indicates SDR center tuning at base of waveform area (2.12e)
^ D allows tweaking of S meter calibration. A setting of 499 is calibration that matches RFSPACE SDRs. Other settings may be used to adjust for FCD, etc.
FCD Pro plus support. First, the FCDP+ has to be attached to a USB port. Right-click on the FCD button, there should be a checkbox that says "FCDP+"; CHECK that box, then in the same dialog, under OSX set the sample rate to 50000, under Windows set the sample rate to 48000. Close the dialog by clicking OK. Go to the SDR button at the lower left, left click, set the dialog bandwidth / sample rate there to 50 KHz. Close the SDR dialog with OK. The FCD button should now be colored green; LEFT click on it.

With QT 4 under Windows, only low samples rates (48 khz or less) are possible with the FCDP+.
TRK now offsets the frequency readout for legibility.
2500 hz and 3000 hz steps added for Griffin Powermate

2.12z Fixes

2.12z Fixes
in 2.12z, LDP, SVP, EDP, LAP, SAP and EAP tooltips fixed
in 2.12w, Tooltip nomenclature for +/- 9 KHz buttons fixed
in 2.12u, an FM demodulator crash was fixed
(2.12a) 16.6 MHz limit for FCDP+ fixed

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