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4.34 - Application Stylesheet

Changing application colors is done by changing the information in the user-loadable (via LDS) application stylesheets, which are located in the same directory as the SdrDx application itself.

Note: There are two stylesheets used by Sdrdx:

o sdrdx-stylesheet-dark.qss
o sdrdx-stylesheet-light.qss

Each one governs colors set by a specific state of the BUI (Black User Interface) control.

If you're familiar with stylesheets, the editing process be easy. If not... well, give it a try -- just save copies of the originals before you start. The following colors can (so far, more coming) be adjusted. I show them here in the exact format as they are used in the stylesheet...

/* these color the S-Meter */
qproperty-meter_color: rgb(150,192,192); /* meter backdrop */
qproperty-lagc_color: rgb(192,0,0); /* meter left AGC color */
qproperty-ragc_color: rgb(0,0,0); /* meter right AGC color */
qproperty-s19_color: rgb(0,0,0); /* meter S1-S9 color */
qproperty-s20_color: rgb(128,0,0); /* meter +20...+60 color */
qproperty-svalues_color: rgb(0,0,0); /* meter numeric values color */

/* these color the demodulator frequency display */
qproperty-fback_color: rgb(0,0,128); /* demod freq backdrop*/
qproperty-fdemod_color: rgb(255,255,255); /* demod digits */
qproperty-fdesig_color: rgb(127,127,127); /* demod units */

/* these color the center frequency display */
qproperty-cback_color: rgb(0,0,128); /* center freq backdrop */
qproperty-fcenter_color: rgb(0,255,255); /* center digits */
qproperty-cdesig_color: rgb(127,127,127); /* center units */

/* these color the band markers on the signal spectrum */
qproperty-bhams_color: rgb(255,255,0); /* CW/data ham band */
qproperty-bhamsp_color: rgb(0,255,0); /* phone ham band */
qproperty-bbcast_color: rgb(0,255,255); /* broadcast band */
qproperty-butil_color: rgb(255,255,255); /* utility band */
qproperty-chan_color: rgb(255,0,255); /* channelized region */

...colors are formed by the three values inside the parenthesis. Don't change ANYTHING else in the stylesheet, and don't misplace the commas. The first value is the red intensity, the second the green intensity, and the third the blue intensity. Each value may range from 0 (off) to 255 (bright.) 128 is half-bright, 64 is 1/4 bright, and so on. You can look on the Internet for RGB color values if the relationship between these three color components and the colors you see isn't clear to you. Here are some basic tips:

0,0,0 - black
255,0,0 - red
0,255,0 - green
0,0,255 - blue
255,255,0 - yellow
0,255,255 - aqua
255,0,255 - violet
255,255,255 - white

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