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4.19.5 - Saving the RF Waterfall

Turning on SWF causes a PNG image of the waterfall to be created.

By default, the image will be saved in the SdrDx application directory when you turn SWF off, and will contain the waterfall up to — but not including — what is on screen at the time you turn SWF off.

If you'd like to change the save location, Right-click SWF button.

Caution: You need to be careful with this feature, as leaving it on could potentially consume a great deal of memory.

The intended use is, if you'd like markers, turn on the WTM markers first, then turn on SWF to create an image for the period you are interested in, then turn off SWF before you turn off Run, which will actually save the image.

For narrow band carrier monitoring using large FFTs (which results in very slow waterfall generation), this allows the software to run for the amount of time you need it to while saving the entire waterfall sequence.

Note: In order to save the WTM markers correctly, start your save (press SWF) with the marker near the top of the waterfall. Because the marker does not "scroll on", but only appears when the previous marker has scrolled off, starting an SWF image with the marker partially visible can create a series of partially visible markers on the saved image.

If the save process is interrupted by the software exiting the Run state (either by you pressing Run, or by loss of signal from the SDR), in order to prevent loss of your save, the waterfall will be automatically saved and SWF will be turned off.

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