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So, I’m an Apple user. I have issues with Apple – I imagine most users have issues with them – but I like to think they don’t often make outright stupid design errors.


This time, with the Magic Mouse 2, they did. Really.



You see that picture over there on the right? This is a rechargeable mouse. There are no user-replaceable batteries. So, bottom line (no pun intended… okay, well, perhaps), in order to charge it, you’ll have to flip it on its back – which makes it completely unusable – stick the lightning/USB cord into it, and wait.

So if, for any reason, you let it get to a low charge while you’re working… you’re screwed. That’s right. You’ll stop doing whatever you were doing, flip your mouse over into the unusable position, and wait for it to charge.

It would be different if the cord was on the front, so for a little while you’d just be driving a mouse with a typical “tail”, but no. Apple put the charging port on the bottom. The bottom!


The original Magic Mouse used a couple of AA Batteries. Run out of juice? Flip it over, change the batteries, back to work. About 30 seconds. Perfect. That’s reasonable from every point of view. And of course, because it uses batteries, the mouse has an indefinite, long lifetime. With rechargeable, non-user replaceable batteries, the mouse’s lifetime is measured in charge cycles. And if, as a compensating measure for the stupid and very real possibility that you may be put out of work by this idiot design error, you charge your mouse every time you leave your desk, you’re shortening the life of your mouse.

Now. If the mouse had ultracaps instead of batteries, it would charge in seconds, and none of this would be an issue. But it doesn’t. It has batteries. And they charge very slowly. I checked: I plugged it into my mac, and watched the charge indication. It. rises.. very… slowly….


I long for the days when Steve jobs would get in front of a design team and go “what, are you stupid???”