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graphThis is a project that came about when I realized that there was no way to enquire of the National Weather Service as to the estimated temperature at an arbitrary latitude and longitude within the continental US.

I had a use for such an estimate in my Astrotron project; basically, you’d like to know what the weather conditions are, or at least are likely to be, before you take the time to go out to a dark site location.

Thinking this functionality would be generally useful, I contacted the NWS, and Ron Jones, the NWS’s web manager / Internet projects person, told me in no uncertain terms that they weren’t going to create such a product.

So I did it for them, and here it is.

In the archive, you’ll find and demo.conf. You can set up demo.conf with your latitude and longitude, and it will return interpolated temperature and humidity values for that specific location by determining which NWS stations are nearest to it, and building a weighted multi-point average. As a bonus, it will also, if you have the Python PIL library installed, generate a graph (graph.gif) of the results, one of which is shown here.

Please feel free to use the project for anything you like; it’s released to the public domain. I would, of course, be delighted to hear of any changes you find worthy of making. Likewise, if and when I tweak the project, I’ll update this page.


My thanks to the people who develop PIL, it was very useful in this project.