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Image Editing for your DSLR and Web Images


Mac user? Looking for some software to edit your images with? If so, I’ve cooked up a free application you might find useful:

Introducing iToolBox in its OSX/MacOS release for OS versions 10.11 and later. This is a 64-bit application so it will be usable well into the future. iToolBox handles data with 48-bit RGB and 16 bit alpha (transparency) precision. iToolBox offers a broad, consistent feature set that is both easy to learn and easy to use.

You can can download the application here:

    iToolBox v1.r39 [2018-08-17]

Or check out the documentation here:

    iToolBox Documentation

I welcome suggestions, bug reports, etc. Please leave them in the comments.

Curious? There is a fairly extensive feature list on this page.

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On Image Post-Processing for Enhancement

There exists a fairly vocal group of people who would tell us that a picture should be an exact representation of what you would see, as a human, had you only been there to see it. At least, as best as can be managed; that’s the goal. I find this to be only one very limited way to look at the world with tools of higher resolution and capability than my own. My own approach is… other.

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