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Commenting Policies
Categories: Meta, Netizenry
by Admin on Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 at 03:21:25

How I manage incoming comments on the site

  1. Keep it clean. If you are inclined to use a term that may cause offense, even for the sake of humor, use a polite euphemism instead. I reserve the right to edit out anything I consider lacking in grace.
  2. Honest attempts to address one of my points in comments will be honored. That means you stick to the issue at hand, address it directly, and remain polite.
  3. Abusive remarks, no matter who they are directed at, will not be honored: all such comments are subject to editing, or removal, or in the case of a commenter that has not previously been approved, the comment may simply never be approved. It will never appear at all.
  4. Being obtuse will not be honored: Waste my time and I will remove the comments. I have had commenters who, for whatever reason, refused to acknowledge the facts and continued to argue well beyond the bounds of reason. You can do that, but you'll have to do it on your own time and in your own venue. Any comment or thread that goes off on that kind of course... deleted. Your posts, my posts, other people's posts... gone.
  5. Use of strawmen, ad hominem, etc. will result in comment removal.
  6. Don't interpret my willingness to address your honest and direct opinions of my opinions, as a willingness to provide a forum for your opinions. Web sites like this one are very easy to set up and maintain, assuming only that you have what it takes to provide worthy content. If you have your own drum to beat, then you need your own venue. This one is mine.
  7. You may have noticed that my site is completely free of spam posts. That's because I read eveything that is submitted and nothing gets posted, or remains posted, in the case of a previously approved commenter, without my explicit approval.
  8. Stupidity will not be tolerated. Don't go there. If you can use a computer, you have no excuse to act the fool. Don't.

With all that in mind, it takes quite a bit for a truly reasonable person to get hit with my personal ban-hammer. If you manage it, you may rest assured that one way or another, you really tried my patience or otherwise acted out. You're welcome to try again, smarter. Or not. I don't carry grudges.

Relate your comments to appropriate page(s). People who are reading about the subject matter above should not be subjected to remarks below that have nothing to do with it.

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