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How to Wear a Garter Belt
Category: Sensuality
by Admin on Sunday, January 5th, 2020 at 16:06:33

Here's something for ladies new to best lingerie practices. As with many things, when it comes to garter belts and panties, there's a right way to combine them, and a (very!) wrong way. Look carefully at this:

Imagine an erotic encounter. Do you want to have to unclip before you can proceed? Does your partner want you pause — or unclip at all? Most fellows will want the belt and stockings to stay on but (obviously, I hope) not the panties. They also don't want to be abraded by panties pulled to the side.

Imagine you need to visit the ladies room. Worn correctly, garters won't delay, interfere, or inconvenience you. Worn incorrectly, they'll do all three.

The other practical and erotic options are stay-ups without a garter belt, or not wearing panties at all.

As for pantyhose... just don't go there. They present the same problems as garters worn incorrectly, only worse, and in addition, they create a humid, bacterially friendly environment. Ugh.

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