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20m Propagation Report (Jan 2020)
Categories: Ham Radio, Humor, Shortwave
by Admin on Friday, January 24th, 2020 at 19:00:36
Welcome to my Propagation Report. Here, I give you the latest cold, hard scientific facts about what you can expect on the 20 meter ARO band. Current Sunspot Cycle Analysis:
  • The current cycle has degraded below moped status. Further:
    • The chain has come off
    • Immediate status is stuck in a pothole
    • Handlebars are loose
    • The tires are flat
    • And... someone has stolen the seat
  • Protip: Clothes-pinning playing cards to the spokes is not a "linear" and will not count towards contest points.

That concludes today's Sunspot Cycle Analysis.

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