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Looking for bugfixes? I list them here.

Additions in SdrDx 2.19 (up to 2.19b)

() 2.19... is cooking. Smell that? It's my brain burning.

(7) 2.19b
Color controls for demod freq, center freq, LED readouts and clock added to the color dialog.

(6) 2.19b
I have added a checkbox to the MIDI setup dialog that must be checked before SdrDx's MIDI learn mode will activate. The reason for this is that various customers accidentally activated the mode with a Right-click on a slider, or an errant press of ESC. The new checkbox defaults to off, so this won't happen any longer. For those few customers using MIDI, it adds one step to the process. You can even leave the checkbox on if you're so inclined and SdrDx will then behave as it did previously, always watching for ESC and Right-click on sliders for "hot" MIDI association.

(5) 2.19b
VFOs can now save/recall span and grid settings.

(4) 2.19b
Operation of RWF changed. Previously, you had eight color choices for the spectrum color fill. Now you can set the fill color using Right-click RAT, and RWF just turns the fill on and off.

(3) 2.19b
CWU and CWL positions swapped to match order of LSB + USB and FSL + FSU

(2) 2.19b
Since the UI changes from time to time in the beta, I built a beta-version button / slider / LED locator so users of the beta releases would not be confused by the incorrect control location displays — now the beta and the release versions have their own locator tools. As always, beta efforts may not quite track each other, whereas the release versions do. Or at least should...

(1) 2.19b
Made some room for the notch displays to get that little bit "fatter" look for the LED segments. This change altered I and C into horizontal controls, and moved them. It also gave us a little more physical range on F.

(0) 2.19a
Initial Release.

Bug fixes in SdrDx 2.19 (up to 2.19b)

(1) 2.19b
Graticule in CAR scope mode was not obeying the color from the Color Setting dialog.

(0) 2.19a
Initial release

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