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by Admin on Monday, March 13th, 2023 at 00:48:46

After a somewhat frenzied few days of coding, the basic CMS is now up and running.

I must confess that writing my own CMS was something I've wanted to do for quite some time, inasmuch as I despise both PHP and Wordpress. So many things I couldn't do; So many things that were highly troublesome to do; So many things that threatened security. And then... then there was the final straw, when my ISP blew compatibility between the Wordpress installation and an upgraded (cough) version of PHP, taking the blog down hard and completely hosing any inability to upgrade the Wordpress installation.

Well. What was a desire became an imperative, at least if I wanted the blog to survive. And here we are!

To start the new blog off, I've imported all the posts from the original fyngyrz.com Wordpress instance (which, fortunately, I had archived in XML form recently... although Wordpress' archival mechanism didn't save any of the images in the blog 😠) Most of the posts remain set to private, because they're full of Wordpress-related scripting, tags and other undesirable elements.

I have edited some of the better (and more relevant, I think) posts, and made those public. I'll bring back more of the older posts as time goes on. It'll be quite a process, as there are hundreds of posts to deal with. Many of them are no longer particularly relevant, and I'll skip those. which will save some effort.

About comments and commenting: Due to the way Wordpress archives comments, I've elected to bring comments into the new system by hand. So there aren't many from the old days, and probably that will remain true going forward. For the nonce, if you want to make a comment on a post, use the email link at the bottom and I will add your comment — presuming it meets reasonable standards of civility and sanity. 🙂 I may implement a "make a comment" form later, but there's lots to do yet so that task is off in the fog a bit. Details on policies are here.

I also plan to make new posts more often; I'm retired now (mostly, anyway) and I find myself with more time on my hands.

So welcome back, if you noticed the blog was gone. And if this is all new to you, welcome anyway.

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