SdrDx 2.07 is an update that introduces external control and communications. First up we have UDP (networked) remote control and monitoring. This allows external applications anywhere on your local network (LAN) to very easily synch up with SdrDx and control it, monitor it, or both. So far, we have two examples (both of which added support in just a few hours.)

The first is DX Toolbox, which will show a list of shortwave stations currently transmitting on the frequency you’re listening to, a great assist with SW dxing, as well as providing a host of propagation graphs, condition and status monitors.

The second is RumLog, which in addition to its powerful and now integrated one-button logging functions, now also serves as a co-ordinating point for keeping SdrDx and a ham transceiver identically tuned and in the same demodulator mode — they track each other live.

Two sample Python scripts, just a few lines each, are also provided to show exactly how to connect to SdrDx via UDP for your own custom applications. It’s so easy to do — just a few simple lines of Python, and you can code up alarm clocks, timed custom recording sessions, and more. Maybe it’s time to learn Python! (Or perl… or any one of many other programming languages. I just recommend Python because it is easy to learn, easy to use, and quite powerful.)

Considerable additional control is available in the UDP interface: I can assist anyone adding this kind of support via external applications.

Next is MIDI control surface support. I’ve chosen the BCR2000 control surface as the default surface. It offers 28 programmable pushbuttons and 32 programmable knobs and is very inexpensive. Also cool looking, festooned with LEDs indicating the current settings in SdrDx. These controls are set up with convenient defaults, but you can easily reprogram any item with just a couple of mouse clicks or keypresses. Running SdrDx with real knobs and buttons is downright *fun*. :)

There are some other goodies in 2.07 as well, but those are definitely the stars. Enjoy!

Screen shot: