Well, today Google completely dropped support for the GMail desktop notifier. This is (ok, was) a handy little menu bar item that kept a count of how many messages were waiting, a list of message subjects, and gave a little ding-ding when new mail came in. It kept me from having to run my browser all the time, and I could easily hear when new mail arrived no matter where I was (my house is an open design, like a loft.)

Google says I don’t need this anymore, because I can run a Chrome app. Only I don’t use Chrome, nor am I even remotely interested in using Chrome at this time.

Google says I don’t need notifications, because my phone can check my mail. I don’t keep my phone by my desk. Perhaps I’m completely abnormal, but I am not tethered to my phone. When I am at my desk, however, I am at my desk, so notifier was a good thing.

Google says I don’t need notifier because I can “enable desktop notifications in GMail settings. But, when I go there to do that, GMail tells me “This browser does not support desktop notifications. To enable notifications, upgrade your browser to Google Chrome.” As I said, I don’t use Chrome.

As near as I can tell, I do need notifier. Thanks, Google. Brilliant. Just brilliant.