The feds have published a happy little book (available here) that lets us know we can expect to survive small nuclear attacks. The blogosphere has been muttering about it, mostly to the mistaken tune of “OMG, Global Thermonuclear War!”

But this booklet isn’t about a sophisticated attack by missile or bomber; this is about little tiny nukes, up to 10 kiloton, the kind of thing you might expect from an unusually sophisticated basement terrorist manufacturing operation. It is a guide for local officials that detail everything from what to expect in terms of injuries, damage and fallout, to what to do about people’s pets.

And the worries about our retaliating on a large scale… only a little off. After all, on 9/11, when attacked by 15 Saudi Arabian nationals (of 19 individuals), funded from within Saudi Arabia, where radical Islam is centrally funded and preached, and the major symbols of Islam reside…

We attacked Iraq, a secular country (well, it used to be, it sure isn’t now, thanks to us)… we also went stumbling pointlessly around Afghanistan, all the while crushing the rights and liberties of our own citizens here at home.

So there’s little indication there is danger that we’ll do the right thing if some Islamist baby-nukes us. The danger is we’ll do the wrong thing. Again. Only more thoroughly.

We’d probably invade Antarctica, nuke the penguins to ash, while simultaneously setting up a program within our borders to fondle your junk if you’re going to drive or ride anything more sophisticated than a tricycle.

Now, it is true that I have often been accused of giving the government more credit than it is due; I humbly admit that may be the case here.