If you want to actually sell your science fiction, it needs to be well-written and error-free before it ever goes out on its first query, or to an agent you want to work on your behalf.

Your writing style and presentation skills are the primary basis for that, but there’s more to it: no literary agent or publishing house person in a gatekeeping role wants to wade through a manuscript that still needs considerable work to be salable. In fact, they generally won’t do it — and literary agents know they won’t do it, and so won’t consider submitting manuscripts with obvious problems to a publisher.

Often a great storyteller may not write perfectly, and even those who are very good at the actual writing become word-blind after a few re-reads. This is where my service comes in. I offer very high-end, professional proofing and editing for quality science fiction. Here’s what that generally consists of:

  • Structural and detail-oriented checking of the writing itself
  • Science and technology backstopping
  • Anachronism triage
  • Story suggestions (in some cases)

If I accept your work for editing / proofing, the cost is three cents US per word, per editing pass through your Word-format manuscript as requested and authorized by you, paid in advance. I will provide you with a report containing my observations, and will discuss them with you as needed. In turn, you implement whatever edits and/or advice you deem acceptable.

I offer consistently fast turnaround on accepted manuscripts; I don’t accept a manuscript for editing and then sit on it. If I cannot make time available for you more or less immediately, I will let you know so you can consider your options prior to making any financial commitment.

You always remain in full control of your manuscript, and my services are completely confidential. I do not require credit or citation.

If you’re interested in pursuing this, then click here to contact me via email and we’ll proceed from there.