Mac or Windows 10 user? Looking for some free software to edit your images with? If so, I’ve cooked up an application you might find useful:

iToolBox is available compatible with OS X / MacOS versions 10.11 and later, and Windows 10. iToolBox builds are targeted at 64-bit architectures, so the application should be usable well into the future.

iToolBox handles data with 48-bit RGB and 16 bit alpha (transparency) precision: This is 64 bits per pixel. iToolBox offers a broad, powerful and consistent feature set that is both easy to learn and easy to use for common image manipulation tasks, yet offers enormous power for the more dedicated who enjoy “getting serious with pixels.”

iToolBox is free, doesn’t incorporate nagging, copy protection, advertising or data mining, doesn’t offload your data to some “cloud” that might disappear or get hacked at any time, and doesn’t invade your privacy.

You can check out the documentation here:

    iToolBox Documentation

You can download the OS X / MacOS version of the application here:

     OS X iToolBox v3.r10

You can download the Windows 10 version of the application here:

    Win10 iToolBox v3.r10

Curious? There is a fairly extensive feature list here:

    iToolBox features

I welcome suggestions, bug reports, etc.

    Here's how to send them in


Some kind words for iToolBox:

“You can tell a lot of thought went into this application”
George (also a software developer)

“…(iToolBox) is the best-kept free graphics secret for the Mac!”
Sue M.

“…I love it”
Keira B.

“…the pace of development is amazing…”
Sean M. (also a software developer)

“…can’t believe I hadn’t heard about this one”
Stella ?

“…so easy to use after just a few minutes”
Mark L.

“(iToolBox) is totally killer. Incoming PayPal for you!”
Chris G.

Some less kind words for iToolBox:

“…this isn’t at all like Photoshop, I don’t understand how to use it”

“I think the problem for me is iToolBox is too ‘pro’”
Chris S.