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Welcome Back (Sticky)
Undercruiser and Fish (Sticky)
Commenting Policies (Sticky)
Defining Intelligence
Some Notes on Writing
ML Art - threat, or not?
Abortion: Don't Succumb to the Gaslighting
Review: Loupe.app for MacOS
New CMS Running
On Artist's Objections to Generative Systems
Impossible Burgers
You're Invited to my Image Gallery
Writing modern recipes well
Recent emojis and OSX 10.12.6
COVID-19: On Wearing Masks
OSX / MacOS and the 4K Desktop
20m Propagation Report (Jan 2020)
What is a Voicelid?
Hey, IAU: Some Reasonable Definitions
How to Wear a Garter Belt
Why I don't Like Public Theaters
Some answers on Climate Change
I've figured out politics
Going to SSL ... And it broke things
Some observations about the news
OSX Sierra crash recovery
Why I Can (Usually) Enjoy Hollywood's Take on SF
On the likely inevitability of AI and AC
Should a new programmer learn Javascript first?
Why Farenheit is better for people
Magic Mouse 2 - A Terrible Design
The FFT definitively explained by me, a signal processing expert
On Civil Disobedience
Real Change is Coming
AI - Just how close are we in 2016?
Introducing the SJW language
Is AI, or Artificial Intelligence, a meaningless term?
Consciousness: on the Nature of the Inherently Inexplicable
Linux and OS X console: Are you working too hard?
A thought on passwords and hacking
Let's talk about on-hold music
Median net worth of congressmembers: 1m. Wonder Why?
What's that Smell?
A Theory of Mind
Let's talk Evidence. Scientific Evidence.
Cellphone Etiquette During Conversation
Buitoni Toaster Pizza
Voice of Russia (former Radio Moscow) going dark
Credible Feminism and "Being Nice"
Just a story from /dev/random
Cellphone Etiquette at the Table
The Constitution is not just a piece of paper
SdrDx --OS X and Windows SDR Software
Starting Out - priorities and pratfalls
Robotics and Sex - Social Consequences
Demolishing AI's "needs a body" argument
Google: Delivering mediocre results by design.
Breaking things in martial arts
Is a corporation really like a person?
SCOTUS empowers another ex post facto law
What does TL;DR Really Mean?
Review: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens
Science fiction, Fantasy, Spec Fic...
On "The Price of Freedom"
It isn't straight-up stupidity. It's more like this:
The Ring of Truth
Inefficiencies of modern HLLs and implications for AI
...and so it goes
Why Superstition?
Cynic? Me?
On Image Post-Processing for Enhancement
The Big Bang ... Science or Religion?
Robots? Oh yes, there will be robots...
Orwell was an Optimist
We've lost George Carlin
Mother Nature is a Hottie
Democracy: The sacred cow is poxed
On the Genesis of the New Testament
Think income tax rates are ok? Read this.
Should there be a law?
On Gay Marriage
Revamping the Calendar
On Privacy
1:1250 scale diorama - The President, under way
Cats: Who's running this show, anyway?
A gift of time
Are you looking up enough?
Is the senate... stupid?


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