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Review: 4 Port 250 Mhz VGA Splitter

splitter I purchased this VGA Splitterto drive multiple monitors from the VGA output of a 16-channel security DVR. It’s a small, flat black box with all connections on the rear, nothing on the front but a single red LED indicating it is powered up.

At this point, I’ve set it up with two monitors on outputs one and two, each on a 100 foot standard VGA cable. Fidelity is good; no hum or other interference is visible, and the resulting display is very sharp. However, my application is not as demanding in terms of sharpness as normal computer output is; I’m only using 640×400 resolution. Other reviews agree that output is sharp for computer use, and the claim in the marketing materials is that it is good up to 1920 horizontally. Odds are excellent that it will provide a sharp display in your application, but again, I can’t vouch for that, only for what I have seen.
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Using the Mac as a Guitar Workstation

I will start with a disclaimer: I am not in any way associated with the companies I’m going to mention here, other than being a paying customer for them.

Over my years as a professional musician, I’ve invested a phenomenal amount of money in musical gear. Amps, pedals, guitars, effects systems, you name it, I’ve probably bought it, beat it up, and traded it off in my search for “that sound.”

After about 40 years of playing, I’ve arrived at the combination of analog and digital gear that presently outfits my studio, and a few choice instruments. I was pretty happy with this too, except it isn’t very portable, and the setup is complex enough that there are times when I spend more time twiddling knobs than I do actually playing or recording.

Well, I’ve found something rather extraordinary. So much so I thought it was worth telling the world. As it turns out, there’s an easy, sensible, cool way to go that costs very little and gives you the world. Here’s the scoop.

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