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Welcome Back (Sticky)
Undercruiser and Fish (Sticky)
Commenting Policies (Sticky)
New CMS Running
Impossible Burgers
You're Invited to my Image Gallery
Writing modern recipes well
Recent emojis and OSX 10.12.6
COVID-19: On Wearing Masks
OSX / MacOS and the 4K Desktop
20m Propagation Report (Jan 2020)
What is a Voicelid?
Hey, IAU: Some Reasonable Definitions
How to Wear a Garter Belt
Why I don't Like Public Theaters
Some answers on Climate Change
I've figured out politics
Going to SSL ... And it broke things
Some observations about the news
OSX Sierra crash recovery
Why I Can (Usually) Enjoy Hollywood's Take on SF
On the likely inevitability of AI and AC
Should a new programmer learn Javascript first?
Why Farenheit is better for people
Magic Mouse 2 - A Terrible Design
The FFT definitively explained by me, a signal processing expert
On Civil Disobedience
Real Change is Coming
AI - Just how close are we in 2016?
Introducing the SJW language
Is AI, or Artificial Intelligence, a meaningless term?
Consciousness: on the Nature of the Inherently Inexplicable
Linux and OS X console: Are you working too hard?
A thought on passwords and hacking
Let's talk about on-hold music
Median net worth of congressmembers: 1m. Wonder Why?
What's that Smell?
A Theory of Mind
Let's talk Evidence. Scientific Evidence.
Cellphone Etiquette During Conversation
Buitoni Toaster Pizza
Voice of Russia (former Radio Moscow) going dark
Credible Feminism and "Being Nice"
Just a story from /dev/random
Cellphone Etiquette at the Table
The Constitution is not just a piece of paper
SdrDx --OS X and Windows SDR Software
Starting Out - priorities and pratfalls
Robotics and Sex - Social Consequences
Demolishing AI's "needs a body" argument
Google: Delivering mediocre results by design.
Breaking things in martial arts
Is a corporation really like a person?
SCOTUS empowers another ex post facto law
What does TL;DR Really Mean?
Science fiction, Fantasy, Spec Fic...
On "The Price of Freedom"
It isn't straight-up stupidity. It's more like this:
The Ring of Truth
Inefficiencies of modern HLLs and implications for AI
...and so it goes
Why Superstition?
Cynic? Me?
On Image Post-Processing for Enhancement
The Big Bang ... Science or Religion?
Robots? Oh yes, there will be robots...
Orwell was an Optimist
We've lost George Carlin
Mother Nature is a Hottie
Democracy: The sacred cow is poxed
On the Genesis of the New Testament
Think income tax rates are ok? Read this.
Should there be a law?
On Gay Marriage
On Privacy
1:1250 scale diorama - The President, under way
Cats: Who's running this show, anyway?
A gift of time
Are you looking up enough?
Is the senate... stupid?


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