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So… it’s been a week since I shipped my camera off.

Page_1I’ve been watching more movies, saw a couple of good ones. “Monsters vs. Aliens”… that was just awesome from start to finish. Then there was this mashup blackertainment/martial arts movie, “Blood and Bone”, with Michael Jai White… he makes a great action star. Put him in some movies where you can understand the dialog, and there’s no telling how far he could go. Then there was “State of Play”, a movie about dirty politics and corporate maneuvering… I’m sure it’s less dangerous, and more corrupt, than the movie portrays it, but it’s always enjoyable to have a director plug a script into your preconceptions and not miss by much.

I cleaned my salt tank, moved the surface skimmer around and restored it to initial working conditions… man, that thing does a dirty job. We were going to build the frame for another stained glass window, but the weather didn’t cooperate, can’t use silicone when it keeps dipping below freezing. I came up with some new tee shirt designs, which you may see if the community at tee virus likes ‘em… even turned on the ham radio and listened to the empty airwaves for a few minutes – no sunspots means no radio communications.
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A gift of time

Here’s something I created that those of you into genealogy or just nostalgia will very likely find enjoyable. It’s 100% free, and definitely good for the whole family. It is a web site where you enter your (or someone else’s) birthdate; it will then generate a custom timeline in the form of “When you were age so-and-so, the following event(s) happened.” You can add several custom events to the timeline too, if you like.

Although that does describe it in a nutshell, the description alone really doesn’t do it justice; take a moment to check it out. No pop-ups, no information collecting or data-mining, no flash, no cookies or technological trickery of any kind. Just an enjoyable way to look at historical events.

All you have to do is go to the web site and click on the second button down in the left hand column. From there, you’ll be taken to the current timeline generation page (it moves around, so only bookmark the home page), you enter the date or dates (it’ll take an end date too, very useful for your ancestors), and bingo, you have a timeline.

If you go there armed with the birthdates of a decent subset of your forebears, I can just about guarantee you’ll have a great time. The idea is to provide a useful and educational perspective on ourselves and those who came before us — I think you’ll find that it works very well. If you’re doing genealogical research on your family, I bet you’ll be adding a new tool to your bookmark list.

Timeline fragment

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A Vice: Verse.

I’m one of those people who really doesn’t know when to shut up. This is clearly demonstrated by my random flailings into the realm of rhyme:


Serendipity’s a word
I came across by chance
Not actually browsing,
just an accidental glance

It’s a good thing that I found it
for my vocabulary’s weak
We’re talking five new syllables
I’m lucky I can speak.

…if you’re a bit of a masochist, there’s more on this page.

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